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ALL METAL VERSION Complete Artillery Hotend/extruder. X1/Genius

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Product Details

Complete ready to bolt on ALL METAL extruder and hotend.

Alloy idler arm.

Bi-metal Ti or Full Titanium heatbreak.

Hardened steel nozzle or Plated Copper Nozzle

All fans, wires etc installed. True plug and play. Ideal for swapping nozzle size etc.

  • Compatible with V.4 Sidewinder X1 & Genius
  • Can be adapted to older Sidewinders by replacing the extruder bracket

Package Includes:

  • 24mm Pancake Stepper Motor (1)
  • Extruder PCB (1)
  • 4020 Part cooling fan and duct (1)
  • 4010 Extruder cooling fan (1)
  • Hot-end mounting bracket NEW STYLE (1)
  • Titan Extruder Assembly (1)
  • Heat block (1)
  • Thermistor (1)
  • 64w Heater Cartridge (1)
  • 0.4mm Volcano Nozzle (1) Hardened Steel or Plated Copper
  • Kraken/Chimera Throat (1) Bimetal titanium or Full Titanium
  • Kraken/Chimera Titan backplate (1)
  • LED Module (1)
  • Titan idler Arm (1) Alloy*
  • PCB cover (Black) (1)**

Bi-metal is great for PLA and also higher temperature Filament.

Titanium is great for mainly high temperature Filament, but can be used for PLA and Higher temperature material.

Please note that the PCB is different for the X1 and Genius. Also they are latest PCB, if you have a X1 V1-2-3 then you will also require the latest X PCB as well.

It will ship with an X1 board unless specified.

Remember to hot tighten the nozzle once you install on the printer.

* alloy lever may be black or silver depending on stock levels. usually black.

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