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6 pce Artillery extruder/hot end Upgrade kit. X1-X2. Genius -GPro.

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6pce Artillery extruder/hot end Upgrade kit. X1-X2. Genius -GPro

Silver Titan Alloy Extruder Idler ARM *1 

Copper plated nozzles *2  

Smooth Kraken titanium *1 (All metal)

Volcano silicone sleeve *1 

Updated denser Heat block * 1 


These nozzles are designed for ultimate high-temperature performance, but also great for lower temperature printing. Made from a special high-temperature copper alloy with a softening point of well over 500 ° C and a greatly increased thermal conductivity, these copper nozzles are perfect for high-temperature applications and work perfectly with everyday filaments such as PLA, ABS and much more.

For X2 or Gpro you may need to file the ABL sensor Plastic mounting bracket holes into slots to give adjustment.

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